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Prince George's County, MD Prince George's County, MD 

What is a County Road?

The road network in Prince George's County is maintained by many different government agencies. The State Highway Administration (SHA) is responsible for State roads. Most State roads are identified by route number and are posted with signs indicating those route numbers. For example, Pennsylvania Avenue is MD Route 4; the Capital Beltway is Interstate Route 495-95. For assistance with problems on State roads, call (301) 513-7300.

The County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPW&T) is responsible for County roads. County roads are identified by road names only (such as, Sheriff Road). There are over 1,700 miles of County maintained roads which are the responsibility of the DPW&T. For Help with problems on County Roads, call (301) 499-8600. Municipal Streets are the responsibility of the individual city or town governments within their respective city limits. Exceptions are major thoroughfares through a city which may be maintained by either the State or the County. For help with problems on municipal streets, call your respective city or town government. If you are not sure whether a road falls under the State's, County's or a municipality's responsibility, you may contact the Right-of-Way Division at 301-883-5642, and staff will advise you of the roadway's status. A small portion of roadways are private or designated "other public" which requires maintenance by property owners.